Crank This Up is a premier location recording and live audio service founded by David Cheng since 2009, with over ten years of experience in the industry producing quality products.

David's specialty in field recording spans across a range of different programmes including Corporate Videos, TVCs, Documentaries, Short Films, Feature Films, Weddings and Live Events.

Production Credits

"The New Hustle"
Director - Patrick Moreau
Muse Inc

"Kmart Tyre and Auto Service"
Director - Heremaia Rudkin
The Creative Foundry

"ASIC Policies"
Director - Shaun Thompson

"Slater and Gordon - Living the values"
Corporate Video
Director - Andrew Hunter
Boatshed Media

"Bendelta for AEC"
Corporate Video
Director - Andrew Hunter
Boadshed Media

"Centerlink - Quantitative Research"
Corporate Video
Director - Simon Harris
Zebra Connections

"Qantas Graduate Recruit"
Web Promo
Director - Andrew Wholley
Red Rug Moving Pictures

"Bell Shakespeare - All the world's a stage"
Web Promo
Director - Jomes Boyce
Grumpy Sailor

"Il Tagliaegna (The Woodcutter)"
Short Film
Director - Tommie McSweeney
Cato Logistics

"Australian Institute of Fitness"
Director - Heremaia Rudkin
The Creative Foundry

"NAB - Hold Up Awareness"
Corporate Video
Director - Andrew Wholley
Red Rug Moving Pictures

“Vivienne Westwood – Sydney Festival Semele Walk”
Web Promo
Director – Sam Egan
on this.

“Crime Plays”
Short Film - Mobile Game
Director – James Boyce
Dog Money World

Short Film
Director – Matt Cerwen
Metropol Films + Cato Film & TV Logistics
(Shortlisted in Tropfest 2013)

“Telstra – Career Conversations”
Coporate Video
Director – Andrew Wholley
Red Rug Moving Pictures

“Quest For Jackie Chan”
Feature Film
Director – Maria Tran

“Death Support”
Director – Tarik Dzekman
TD Media

“Aboriginal Health”
Training Video for USYD (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Director – Robert Moorman
Hunting With Pixels

“Pocket Pixies”
Web Promo
Director – Karl Emmett

“Where can UTS take you?”
Corporate Video – Seven Part Series
Director – Karl Emmett
Alumni Relations - UTS

Feature Film
Director – Amin Palangi
Information and Cultural Exchange

Short Film
Director – Alex Broun
NAFA Productions
(Shortlisted in Tropfest 2010)

“Rosie and Me”
Short Film [Pickups]
Director – Matthew Graham
(Won Gold at ACS NSW Awards – short films section 2011)

Short Film
Director – Bradley Patrick
SugarLove Pictures

Short Film
Director – Alvaro D.Ruiz
Marshmallow / Luneta Productions
(Winner of 2009 Sydney Latin American Film Festival: Local Filmmakers Award, Best Editing award at the El Espejo (The Mirror) Short Film Festival in Bogotá, Colombia)

Feature Film
Director - Karl Emmett
Downside Up
Sound Devices 688 Field Mixer with Multi Channel Recording
Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia Linear Fader Controller

Lectrosonics SMQv Radio Transmitter (x2)
Lectrosonics UM400 Radio Transmitter (x2)
Lectrosonics HM Transmitter
Lectrosonics SRB Radio Receiver
Lectrosonics UCR411a Radio Receiver (x2)
Lectrosonics IFB Monitor with 2 receivers

Sanken CS3e Shotgun Microphone (with Rycote Windshield)
Neumann KM185 Shotgun Microphone
Sanken COS-11D Lapel Microphone (x4)
Sennheiser MD46 Cardioid ENG Microphone
Shure MX153 Headworn Condenser Microphone (x2)

Shure SE535 Earphones

Electro-Voice ZXA1 Speakers

Loon Audio Loon Graphite Boompole

Ambient ACN-LS Timecode Slate

Orca OR-32 Audio/Mixer Bag
Orca OR-40 Audio Harness
Rastorder Cart
Avenger Century Stand
K-Tek Boom Cradle

Wet Weather
Orca OR-35 Rain Cover
Orca OR-36 Audio/Mixer Bag Cover
Rycote Duck Rain Cover

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